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Advancements in dental technology have made most dental treatments more affordable and more effective. Dr. Chitre uses several of these techniques and technologies at Stonebriar Family Dentistry because she believes you deserve the best dental care science can offer.

Handheld X-ray Machine

3D digital imaging is a handheld digital X-ray scanner that allows our hygienist to accurately and quickly take X-rays of your entire mouth. Because the hygienist is able to hold the scanner, he or she can usually get the perfect scan on the first try – meaning less time for you in the dental chair! Our handheld X-ray machine emits less radiation than conventional X-rays in half the time it used to take us! We are always looking for ways to ensure your comfort.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays allow us to detect dental issues in the early stages, often reducing the chance for more extensive and expensive dental treatments in the future. Digital X-rays also reduce a patient's radiation exposure by 90%!

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera allows us to show you exactly what we see when we examine your mouth. In the past, you would lay back in the dental chair and wait for yourdental exam and cleaning to be over, but now with an intraoral camera, you are an active participant in yourdental exam. Dr. Chitre can walk you through your diagnosis and treatment by showing you each step on a computer screen. You are more involved and more educated in your oral health.

Biolase® Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers are extremely precise and can help shorten the duration of almost any general dental procedure. Because lasers eliminate the need for scalpels and sutures, they also help minimize pain and help speed u[ the healing process, especially in the soft tissues.

Sterilization and OSHA Compliance

We go above and beyond the American Dental Association (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for a clean and safe dental practice. We make sure each piece of equipment is sterilized and disinfected before they are approved to go into our treatment rooms.

We use Hu-Friedy Instrument Management System (IMS®) to guarantee our equipment and instruments are clean and sterile. IMS also allows us to store and organize our instruments in one integrated cassette system which helps us provide the most efficient treatments possible. We are always trying to save you time!

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