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Saving Money for Cosmetic Dentistry

February 18, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Chitre


Saving for Cosmetic Dental Care

If you want to save up money for cosmetic dentistry and a straighter, whiter smile, try cutting back on some of those every-day bad habits that negatively affect your dental hygiene anyways. 



Instead of this: Coffee
Do this: Eat an apple
We know. That morning cup of coffee is what gets you going and imagining life without it is just plain scary! However, cutting back on coffee and brewing it at home instead of buying it every day at a local coffee shop can save you a lot of money. Plus, that daily caffeine fix is staining your teeth. If you do brew it at home, drink your coffee with a straw so that your teeth aren’t exposed to as much of it. If you’re interested in cosmetic care, particularly whitening, coffee is probably one of the things that is causing the stains on your tooth enamel anyways. Go for an apple instead. They’re nutritious, they give you energy, and they naturally clean your teeth! Apple, 3: Coffee, 1.

Instead of this: Soda
Do this: Drink water
Just like coffee, soda can also cause unsightly stains on your teeth. Instead of stopping in for a caffeinated soda every day, make an effort to drink more water. Water energizes your body and also helps keep your teeth clean. If drinking water is the last beverage on your list of “tasty” things, try adding a squeeze of lemon or another delicious fruit. While good in moderation because of acidic properties, citrus can provide a natural bit of flavor to your water. Replacing your daily soda with fresh, free water will save you more than you think.

Instead of this: Sugar-filled or Salty Snacks
Do this: Healthy, fresh foods
Fast foods and sugary snack packs are some of the worst food choices you can make for your teeth. Give them up and replace them with lean meats, low-fat dairy, and fresh produce. Most of these foods won’t get stuck in your teeth as much as others, so they’re less likely to cause decay. Some vegetables, like celery, even act as a natural toothbrush! Packing your lunch everyday will save you money from going on those unnecessary and unhealthy food runs.

Instead of this: Tobacco
Do this: Go for a walk
If smokeless tobacco or cigarettes are a daily habit, try to cut back. Not only are the chemicals not good for your teeth, but they can have a dramatic effect on your overall oral health. If taking a smoke break is usually your only chance to unwind in the midst of a busy schedule, try going for a brisk walk instead. You’ll get those endorphins pumping for a better mood and get to enjoy some good ol’ vitamin D from the sun. Cutting back on tobacco products could save you over $150 per month, depending on your use. Trust us, your new smile is worth it, and so is your health.

Even after saving money, Dr. Chitre understands that cosmetic services can be hard on your budget. Ask about our flexible financing options so that you can get the smile you want!

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